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Onder de Kelders.

Branding for a restaurant.

Probably the most attractive restaurant in my hometown, lying besides the historic downtown canals. I had been drinking my coffees many times here and had always been annoyed by the ugly menus. I told the owners and they asked me to rebrand there restaurant completely from logo to menu.

I ended up making a brand new website as well.

Show project.
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Some of my latest logo projects.

I love branding things and thereby helping companies, persons or products in their marketing. More logos.

  • stom-item-solarboat

NHL Solarboat Racing.

Sporty branding for a racingteam.

A competitive project for the official Solarboat Racing team of my school. I mainly worked on branding, and it’s guidelines. Others made the website and used my brandguide to develop side projects.

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Not only logos.

To give an impression of what I am capable of as a designer.

  • stom-item-sportified


Collaboration project with Takens Webdevelopment.

I am a true sports fanatic. Luckily, my buddy Stefan, a developer, has the same disease. During the London 2012 Olympic Games we discovered websites of professional athletes are pretty bad. We decided to make it our specialization. Sportified believes that every extraordinary human being deserves an extraordinary website.

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